About Easyway

Easyway Global has been established with the aim of improving the lives of ITI students. It has been seen that the biggest problem in front of those doing ITI is about getting a good job. Today there is no one to give guide line to many ITI students.
Easyway Global is committed to provide high level technical education according to trade to all of students. At the same time, we also prepare for a respectable job by paying attention to the skill development of the students.

Today there are three employment options for ITI students in India.

1. goverment Job

2. private job 

3. self business

Goverment job

You can prepare for competitive exams of Indian government companies through Easyway Global. Our teaching style is very popular among ITI students. The syllabus for ITI students has been designed by the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) in such a way that the students do not face any technical problem while working in the company's workshop. Therefore, practical related to theory is also done in ITI colleges.Because of this it has been seen that those students are more successful in competitive examinations who possess practical or skill knowledge along with technical knowledge.That's why Easyway Global is famous for giving high level and quality education through Smart classroom and Digital classroom. Our Faculty explains the machine parts or tools by showing them to the students in the classroom. Apart from this, the video, image, animation of the related topic is shown through the digital board, so that both the concept and understanding of the students can be clear and they can easily get hold of their subjects and succeed in the competitive examinations.

Private job

It is also a fact that not all ITI students can get government jobs as the number of seats is much less than the number of candidates. But for the one who has to work hard, who has confidence in himself, it does not matter whether it is a private company or a government company. With honesty and hard work, you can reach heights.There are many students who are leading a good life today in multinational companies under the guidance of Easyway global. Today Easyway global is making constant efforts to get jobs for ITI students in collaboration with many companies. All the facilities are also being made available to the students who want to go abroad for jobs through Easyway Global.

Self business

You all will know that ITI is a professional course, if you have good knowledge in your trade and you have a hold on your trade skills then you can set up your own business  because ITI The main profession of the students is production, so you can earn good money by making products related to your trade, setting up your SHOPS or WORKSHOPS according to the demand of the market and selling it in the market.Easyway global provides opportunities to students who want to do business. You can establish your business by joining Easyway global.

Digital world

Today under the guidance of Er.  Abhishek Raj, Founder and CEO of Easyway global, Easyway GLOBAL is trying to provide guidance in every way by connecting with ITI children through social sites and digital media. Today lakhs of ITI students are joining our YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK GROUP to get information and guidance related to their career. You too can give a new path to your life by joining us.